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Assessing the Complexity of Business Process Models
(Departmental Seminar)

By: Fernando Brito e Abreu

A business process with a more complex workflow will cost more to deploy, to operate and will be error-prone. Business process designers would improve their work if resource and reliability estimates can be derived out of their models. Process complexity metrics are required as explanatory variables to produce such estimates. Furthermore, process complexity reduction is often the motto for performing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) actions. Reengineered processes are expected to allow improvements in cost, quality, speed and delivered services. A technique adopted for BPR is gap analysis, which aims at determining the distance between the current state (aka “as-is”) to a desired future state (aka “to-be”). That distance can be determined by using adequate process metrics. This talk presents a systematic and replicable technique to specify and collect process metrics on business process models. I will describe the metrics formalization process using the Metamodel Driven Measurement (M2DM) technique, using OCL upon a lightweight BPMN metamodel based on the OMG standard. The talk will be complemented by a demonstration of a prototype tool that deploys this technique and allows calculating process metrics upon BPMN models created with a widely used modeling tool. This prototype uses model transformation techniques and scales up nicely.

Date: 27 Oct 2011

Location/Event: PESC, COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


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