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Domain Analysis. Evaluation Procedures
(Summer School Course)

By: Miguel Goul√£o

Domain-driven development is becoming increasingly popular. It raises the abstraction level used by developers, who work closer to the domain, while narrowing the design space. Claims include productivity and time-to-market improvements, the avoidance of error-prone mappings between domain and software development concepts, and the leverage of domain experts expertise. In this talk, we start by discussing the lack of evidence supporting these claims, based on a systematic literature review. Then, we present an evidence-based approach to the assessment of the impact of using a DSL, when compared to using a general purpose-based approach, in the context of a project in the high energy physics domain. We use this evidence-based validation to discuss the need for practical ways to perform these validations, and the shortcomings of general evidence-based approaches to the context of domain-driven development.

Date: 9 Sep 2010

Location/Event: 1st International Summer School on Domain Specific Modeling - Theory and Practice, 2010 - DSM-TP 2010


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