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High-performance computing for Ocean Color {Monte Carlo} simulations
(Research Talk)

By: Tamito Kajiyama

Ocean Color (OC) remote sensing (RS) allows for retrieving properties of so-called optically significant seawater components, which affect the in-water light field. OC RS products are derived applying bio-optical algorithms to space-born radiometric observations. The MERIS sensor on-board of the ENVISAT satellite is the operational sensor for OC applications managed by the European Space Agency. Chlorophylla concentration, generally used as a proxy for biomass estimate, is the most known OC product exploited in climate change studies. This forum addresses different aspects of OC RS: The first presentation overviews current strategies and future developments for the validation of MERIS OC products. The next talk details ongoing efforts to collect accurate in situ radiometric measurements for the validation of RS primary products and the determination of higher level RS products (e.g., Chlorophyll-a concentration). Afterwards, the discussion focuses on pattern recognition solutions increasingly required for an improved exploitation of regional OC RS observations. Numerical simulations based on high performance computing to model the radiative transfer process in the sea-water medium are then presented. The final talk discusses biological aspects related to OC application in the Ocean off Portugal.

Date: 9 Jun 2010

Location/Event: Forum on Validation of MERIS Marine Products at Several European Coastal Basins, CENTRIA seminar, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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