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Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering
(Research Talk)

By: Ana Moreira, João Araújo

Most RE approaches, e.g. viewpoints and use cases, partition requirements into sets of partial specifications, thus promoting separation of concerns. However, certain requirements (e.g., security, information retrieval, etc.) crosscut these partial specifications and cannot be naturally modularised into use cases/viewpoints. Even if such crosscutting requirements are modularised using existing RE abstractions, ensuring analysability of their influence on other requirements is a challenging task. This tutorial aims to provide practical knowledge on how to effectively modularise and analyse such crosscutting requirements and their influences using Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering (AORE). AORE works in tandem with the existing requirements approaches, by offering additional abstraction and composition mechanisms for systematically handling crosscutting (or so-called aspectual) requirements. The influence of these crosscutting requirements shapes the prioritisation of system requirements and, eventually, delimits the various architectural choices. The tutorial starts by discussing practical scenarios involving crosscutting requirements in viewpoints- and use case-based models, demonstrating how a lack of modularisation and analysis of aspectual requirements negatively affects requirements and, consequently, clarity of architectural choices. We then demonstrate how to identify, modularise, compose and analyse trade-offs amongst aspectual requirements and discuss how AORE analysis provides insights into conflicting architectural choices even before the architecture is derived.

Date: 12 Sep 2006

Location/Event: IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering

url: http://

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