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On Importance of Bringing Theory to Industry: an experience in W3C CDL working group
{ Tue, 27 Feb 2007, 14h00 }

By: Kohei Honda  [ show info ]

This talk is about our experience in the dialogue between industry and theory, in the context of W3C's working group on a description language for web services, called Choreography Description Language (CDL). We shall discuss how such a dialogue can not only benefit industry but also can stimulate a theoretical research.

Participation in W3C's standardisationon process started three years ago, when the chair of W3C's web service WGs invited three pi-calculus experts, Robin Milner, Nobuko Yoshida and me, to the CDL WG. CDL is intended as a description language for web services, and both for general and specific features, the pi-calculus foundation can be very useful.

Our participation in WG resulted in a standard which will become a W3C recommendation soon. It has also led to a new principle of programming which consists of two distinct ways for describing communication-centric software, one centring on global message flows and another centring on end-point behaviour, distilled as formal calculi. The two paradigms of description share a common feature, structured representation of communications. The global calculus originates from CDL itself, while the local calculus is based on the pi-calculus, one of the representative calculi for communicating processes.

The theoretical part of the talk will illustrate these two frameworks using simple but non-trivial examples, present the static and dynamic semantics of the calculi, and show a basic theory of end-point projection --- that any well-formed description in the global calculus has a precise representation in the local calculus.

The talk will discuss potential forms of collaboration between industry and theory, what merits such collaboration may have for industry, and how this can give positive feedbacks to academic research.

Hosted by: Software Systems

Location: Sala de SeminĂ¡rios do CITI

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