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The ProjectIT Initiative and the ProjectIT-Studio, an integrated environment for the development of information systems
{ Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 14h00 }

By: Alberto Silva  [ show info ]

Despite the efforts made to overcome the problems associated with the development of information systems, it is still an immature activity with negative consequences in time, budget and quality. One of the main causes for this situation is the fact that many projects do not follow a structured, standard and systematic approach, like the methodologies and best practices proposed by the Software Engineering community. In this presentation, we overview an innovative approach for the Development of information systems, called ProjectIT, and how it is supported by an integrated set of tools, called “ProjectIT-Studio”. Our approach benefits from the ideas of other initiatives, such as the Microsoft Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) or OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA), as well as contributes from the Requirements Engineering area.

Hosted by: Software Systems

Location: Sala de Seminários do CITI

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