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Hypermedia Based Gaming and Information Access in a Mixed RealityEnvironment
{ Wed, 19 Mar 2003, 14h00 }

By: Luis Romero

The work reported in this talk integrates in the same computational framework, mechanisms for supporting contextual information retrieval and gamming in mixed environments. Starting from well-established hypermedia models, we depart from these models by integrating physical and virtual objects as nodes and other hypermedia concepts of a global hypermedia network. These ideas are being tested in an augmented gallery exhibition where the distinction between the real and the virtual worlds is blurred in a way that provides uniform access and introduces computing devices in our everyday experiences. In this talk, that proposes a gaming environment as a test bed for our ideas, we go beyond the more traditional augmented reality approach of providing additional information about physical structures. In this sense the user can navigate, interact and play both in the physical and virtual worlds. These activities are supported by the structuring and navigation mechanisms of the underlying hypermedia model in a seamless way.

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