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Data mining personal track logs: extraction, summary, utilisation and communication of knowledge
{ Wed, 29 Jan 2003, 14h00 }

By: David Mountain  [ show info ]

In parallel with the convergence between mobile telephony and computing, the next generation of mobile devices is becoming location aware, that is they know their location in space. A record of the timestamped spatial points (a spatial history) can reveal a great deal of information about the device owner such as frequently visited destinations, favoured routes, the locations accessible within specified time periods and favoured times of movement.

The WebPark project, developing location-based services for National Parks, aims to extract this knowledge and utilise it to tailor user's request for information and communicate this knowledge to assist decision making. This talk will discuss some of the techniques developed for this purpose aswell as some of the visualization techniques developed to promote visual thinking for data mining approaches.

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