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Model-Driven Spreadsheets
{ Wed, 26 Nov 2014, 14h00 }

By: J├ícome Cunha  [ show info ]

Spreadsheets play a pivotal role in modern society as they are inherently multi-purpose and widely used both by individuals to cope with simple needs as well as large companies as integrators of complex systems and as support for informing business decisions. Spreadsheets have probably passed the point of no return in terms of importance: it is estimated that 95% of all U.S. firms use them for financial reporting, and 90% of all analysts in industry perform calculations in spreadsheets. This importance, however, has not been achieved together with effective mechanisms for error prevention.

In this talk we will present our approach to solve this problem. In particular, we will present model-driven spreadsheets. We will start by defining a modeling approach for spreadsheets and how such models can be embedded in spreadsheet systems. We will then show how this models can automatically be inferred from existing spreadsheets. Since spreadsheets may change over time, we will present techniques for their automatic evolution, based on model changes, and vice-versa.

Hosted by: Software Systems

Location: DI seminars room

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