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The Challenges of the Coverage Testing applied to Concurrent Software
{ Mon, 3 Jun 2013, 14h00 }

By: Paulo Souza  [ show info ] ; Simone Souza  [ show info ]

Concurrent programs are becoming popular due to several application domains where performance and distributed access are essential. Due to this demand, the high-quality of these applications is mandatory, motivating the proposition of different testing approaches. However, the test of concurrent programs is still a challenge because the intrinsic features of the concurrent applications impose a high application cost. Issues such as non-determinism, synchronization and communication must be properly considered during the testing activity. In this scenario, coverage testing criteria offer information to guide the testing activity, providing information to support the selection and evaluation of test cases. In this talk we will present the challenges to define coverage testing criteria for concurrent programs, showing some results obtained in relation to the definition of coverage testing criteria for message-passing and shared-memory programs.

Hosted by: Computer Systems

Location: DI seminars room

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