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Identity, the Post-Human Body & Digital Practices
{ Mon, 11 Apr 2011, 14h00 }

By: Yacov Sharir  [ show info ]

Dance practitioners choreographer and artists are traditionally engaged in an on going process specifically designed to discover how else the human physical body can be challenged and move in so many ways that are yet to be conceived. This on going practice takes place in the physical realm/space whether being performed in a theatrical, alternative or site-specific space. The technologically charged mediation employed in the pursuit of this on going research and work such as the use of sensory devices, wearable garments, smart intelligent textiles and computation is dramatically affecting the outcome of what we currently know as formal dance. The perception of what is possible and or what it might lead toward strictly as organization of bodies- physical and virtual - in space and time - are re-examined, allowing us to greatly contribute to this very important effort and other related new options. Some of the research conducted by several teams of artists’ technologies and scientists from around the world include multiple prototypes of wearable garments/computers, which are placed on the performers body, responding specifically to the ways the physical movement is pursued. It includes several camera captures, sensory processing, conductive intelligent fibers, microelectronics and computerized 3D animated counterparts. The performance and design processes are monitored in real time via sensor-motor tracking systems that are continually outputting real time biofeedback for the purpose of augmenting all aspects of performance.

Hosted by: MultiModal Systems

Location: Auditório Leopoldo Guimarães (CENIMAT)

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