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Semantic-Based and Syntactic-Based Feature Interactions in Aspect-oriented Models
{ Tue, 9 Jun 2009, 14h00 }

By: Gunter Mussbacher  [ show info ]

Detecting undesired interactions in aspect-oriented models is closely related to detecting undesired feature interactions. Aspect interactions can be broadly categorized into syntactic interactions, which can be discovered by analysis based on syntax, and semantic interactions, which require an interpretation of the meaning of models. Semantic interactions are very hard to detect and at the same time often require significant rethinking or remodeling of the aspects. This talk will present three feature interaction approaches for scenario models based a) on pre- and postconditions, b) on critical pair analysis, and c) on influence models. These approaches require minimal additional specification and validation effort and allow for incremental definition of new scenarios. The specification model comprises the intrinsic behavioral and structural properties of the application under consideration, while the validation model consists of any additional information required for ensuring compliance with the feature specifications. While the first two approaches deal mostly with syntactic interactions, the third approach uses goal models to effectively reason about interactions based on model semantics.

Hosted by: Software Systems

Location: DI seminars room

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