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Title: The MOVA Tool
{ Wed, 30 Jan 2008, 14h00 }

By: Manuel Clavel  [ show info ]

This talk presents the MOVA tool, a rewriting-based UML modeling, measuring, and validation tool developed by the MOVA group as part of a broader effort for integrating rigorous modeling and validation into the software engineering curricula and the industrial software engineering process. The MOVA group is associated with the IMDEA Software Institute within its research line on rigorous, tool-supported modeling and validation.

From the outside, the MOVA tool consists of two applications:

* UML modeling: it allows the user to draw UML class and object diagrams, write and check OCL invariants, write and evaluate OCL queries, write and evaluate OCL metrics, and define OCL operations to be used in invariants, queries, and metrics. Metrics in MOVA are OCL queries over the instances of the MOVA metamodel, which are automatically generated by the tool, corresponding to the user-depicted models.

* SecureUML modeling: it allows the user to draw SecureUML diagrams and scenarios, write and evaluate OCL security policies, and define OCL operations to be used in security policies. SecureUML models formalize authorization restrictions in a UML-based language related to Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Both applications share a common OCL editor/checker/evaluator. The MOVA OCL editor includes a model-based syntax-guiding facility which is unique, to the best of our knowledge, among the non-commercial available tools. To write an expression the user selects patterns from lists that are built at ``run time''; the actual patterns shown in the selection lists depend on the current type of the expression and the types and operations introduced in the model under consideration. The MOVA metrication facility, which allows the user to define and execute his/her own metrics directly over the models, is also unique among the available tools.

From the inside, the MOVA tool is a Java IDE for the ITP/OCL tool, a text-input UML modeling and validation tool. The ITP/OCL tool provides commands for building class and object diagrams, validating OCL constraints, and evaluating OCL queries. The ITP/OCL tool relies on a novel membership equational semantics for UML class diagrams with OCL constraints proposed by members of the MOVA group. The ITP/OCL tool is written entirely in Maude, a rewriting-based programming language that implements membership equational logic. Events on the MOVA graphical interface are transformed into ITP/OCL's text-input commands and are interpreted and executed in a Maude process running the ITP/OCL tool.

At the end of the talk, we will make a short presentation of the IMDEA Software Institute, a research institution in the field of Technologies for Software Development recently created within the framework of IMDEA) the ``Instituto Madrilenyo de Estudios Avanzado'' (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies).

Hosted by: Software Systems

Location: Sala de SeminĂ¡rios do CITI

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