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[ MultiModal Systems ]

Multimodal Systems researches methods and tools to build interactive systems using information processing techniques. The research topics are defined in a context where multiple devices are used for interaction and an increasing amount of multimedia information is produced everyday. The potential of multimedia information can only be harnessed if the semantic content is properly represented. Additionally, the interface between the information space and the humans has to be carefully designed.

bulletNuno Correia, Full Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletManuel Prospero dos Santos, Associate Professor
bulletVitor Rocio, Associate Professor
bulletA. Eduardo Dias, Assistant Professor
bulletArmanda Rodrigues, Assistant Professor
bulletFernando Birra, Assistant Professor
bulletJoaquim Ferreira da Silva, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Magalhães, Assistant Professor
bulletSofia Cavaco, Assistant Professor
bulletTeresa Romão, Assistant Professor
bulletAdriano Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletGabriel Pereira Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletAndré Sabino, PhD Student
bulletBruno Cardoso, PhD Student
bulletDiogo Cabral, PhD Student
bulletFilipa Peleja, PhD Student
bulletGracinda Carvalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão Ventura, PhD Student
bulletJorge Costa, PhD Student
bulletJosé Aires, PhD Student
bulletKavitha Mahesh, PhD Student
bulletLuís Gomes, PhD Student
bulletPedro Centieiro, PhD Student
bulletRossana Santos, PhD Student
bulletRui Gamito, PhD Student
bulletRui Nóbrega, PhD Student
bulletRui Neves Madeira, PhD Student
bulletSofia Reis, PhD Student
bulletTarquínio Mota, PhD Student
bulletValentim Realinho, PhD Student
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*  External Talks (58)
*  Graduation Activities (234)
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* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ CNRS-GREYC, Université de Caën (France)
   [ 15 Oct 2013 to 18 Oct 2013 ]
   Hosted by: Nadine Lucas

It was a working visit with a main intention of discussing the PhD Thesis of Gael Lejeune who was approved.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Université de Caën Basse Normandie (France)
   [ 21 Nov 2011 to 25 Nov 2011 ]
   Hosted by: Gael Dias

Working visit to Université de Caën

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
   [ 28 Sep 2009 to 1 Oct 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Pablo Gamallo

This was a research visit.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
   [ 22 Jul 2009 to 26 Jul 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Aline Villavicencio

Invited talk at the XXIX Encontro da Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, at Bento Gonçalves Title: Supervised evolving parallel text aligners for improving quality translation

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
   [ 3 Jun 2009 to 4 Jun 2009 ]
   Hosted by: Manuel Villares Ferro

Member of the jury for the PhD Thesis of Juan Otero Pombo, at he University of Vigo at Orense, Spain

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Université de Caën Basse Normandie (France)
   [ 24 Oct 2007 to 25 Oct 2007 ]
   Hosted by: Gael Dias

Annual meeting of researchers from Santiago de Compostela (Pablo Gamallo), Imaxin, a Galician enterprise (Jose ramon Pichel), Universidade do Minho (Alberto Simões and João Almeida), Universidade da Beira Interior (Gael Dias and several PhD students) and UNL (Gabriel Pereira Lopes). apart from scientific presentations, it wa discussed the cooperation between these research entities.

* Vitor Rocio @ INRIA-Rocquencourt (France)
   [ 10 Dec 2006 to 16 Dec 2006 ]
   Hosted by: Éric Villemont de la Clergerie

Incorporation of forest output in DyALog-based parser.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
   [ 10 Sep 2006 to 13 Sep 2006 ]
   Hosted by: Pablo Gamallo

This visit was planned together with Vigo University, Corunha University and University of Santiago de Compostela. Moreover Jose Pichel from the Imaxin/Software was representing the private sector. The idea was to understand how our research could converge and cooperate. Gabriel Lopes presented results from the European ASTROLABIUM project finished in July 2006.

* Adriano Lopes @ University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
   [ 1 Feb 2006 to 31 Jul 2006 ]
   Hosted by: Ken Brodlie

Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds University

* Manuel Prospero dos Santos @ INI-GraphicsNet Foundation, Darmstadt (Germany)
   [ 29 May 2006 to 31 May 2006 ]
   Hosted by: José L. Encarnação

Innovation week of the INI-GraphicsNet: participation in several workshops and exibitions related to Computer Graphics.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ European Commission - Research Directorate General (RTD) (Belgium)
   [ 20 Jan 2006 ]
   Hosted by: Annegret Ziller

Reunion, in Brussels, to discuss on matters related to ASTROLABIUM project

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
   [ 18 Oct 2005 to 31 Oct 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Marcelo Pimenta

This visit was done in the framework of WE-LEARN project for discussing further developments of the project. Unfortunately the Brazilian part did not aprove the continuation of the project, probably due to some failing of due dates.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ INRIA-Rocquencourt (France)
   [ 12 Sep 2005 to 24 Sep 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Éric Villemont de la Clergerie

Gabriel Lopes worked on the integration of selection restrictions automatically extracted from French corpora in on going implementations of a French parser developed in the framework of KLING project.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Université de Caën Basse Normandie (France)
   [ 21 Jul 2005 to 22 Jul 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Gael Dias

This visit was done in order to get acquainted with new developments on research done at this group due to common research interests

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade da Coruña (Spain)
   [ 19 May 2005 to 20 May 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Miguel Alonso Pardo

This visit was mainly intended for heading the PhD jury for the thesis by Jesus Vilares Ferro.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Vitória (Brazil)
   [ 8 Apr 2005 to 11 Apr 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Crediné da Silva Meneses

Main objective of this visit was the exam for a PhD degree of Sérgio Freitas. The visit was used also to make two talks on work ongoing in Lisbon.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
   [ 2 Apr 2005 to 7 Apr 2005 ]
   Hosted by: Marcelo Pimenta

Visit to deepen work started in January 2005 and to work with Alexandre Agustini, who was back in Brazil, on his PhD Thesis.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
   [ 14 Oct 2004 to 16 Oct 2004 ]
   Hosted by: Manuel Villares Ferro

This visit was prepared by Manuel Vilares Ferro in order to enable a coordination between Vigo University, INRIA/Rocquencourt and UNL for preparing and submitting research project ECLECTIC to 6th framework programme.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
   [ 26 Sep 2004 to 6 Oct 2004 ]
   Hosted by: Marcelo Pimenta

This visit was done in the frawork of WE-LEARN cooperation project. Project ALERTA-BRASIL was also prepared and submitted CNPq.

* Gabriel Pereira Lopes @ Universidade Católica de Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
   [ 22 Sep 2004 to 26 Sep 2004 ]
   Hosted by: Antônio Rocha Costa

This visit was mainly used to prepare cooperation project TULIPA on translation from Portuguese text into Brazilian written sign language LIBRAS. A talk on Automatic Word Sense Discrimination was given.

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