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[ MultiModal Systems ]

Multimodal Systems researches methods and tools to build interactive systems using information processing techniques. The research topics are defined in a context where multiple devices are used for interaction and an increasing amount of multimedia information is produced everyday. The potential of multimedia information can only be harnessed if the semantic content is properly represented. Additionally, the interface between the information space and the humans has to be carefully designed.

bulletNuno Correia, Full Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletManuel Prospero dos Santos, Associate Professor
bulletVitor Rocio, Associate Professor
bulletA. Eduardo Dias, Assistant Professor
bulletArmanda Rodrigues, Assistant Professor
bulletFernando Birra, Assistant Professor
bulletJoaquim Ferreira da Silva, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Magalhães, Assistant Professor
bulletSofia Cavaco, Assistant Professor
bulletTeresa Romão, Assistant Professor
bulletAdriano Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletGabriel Pereira Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletAndré Sabino, PhD Student
bulletBruno Cardoso, PhD Student
bulletDiogo Cabral, PhD Student
bulletFilipa Peleja, PhD Student
bulletGracinda Carvalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão Ventura, PhD Student
bulletJorge Costa, PhD Student
bulletJosé Aires, PhD Student
bulletKavitha Mahesh, PhD Student
bulletLuís Gomes, PhD Student
bulletPedro Centieiro, PhD Student
bulletRossana Santos, PhD Student
bulletRui Gamito, PhD Student
bulletRui Nóbrega, PhD Student
bulletRui Neves Madeira, PhD Student
bulletSofia Reis, PhD Student
bulletTarquínio Mota, PhD Student
bulletValentim Realinho, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (39)
*  Publications (355)
*  Seminars @ CITI (21)
*  External Talks (58)
*  Graduation Activities (234)
*  Organization of Events (154)
*  Editorial Committees (3)
*  Prototypes (66)
*  Visits (79)

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bulletUsability Study of the Gauntlet Wearable Interface
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   Teresa Romão, Nuno Correia, Tiago Martins, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau

bulletIdSay: Question Answering for Portuguese
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   Gracinda Carvalho, David Matos, Vitor Rocio

bulletM-Traffic: Mobile Traffic Information and Monitoring System
   [ 2008 ] - book chapters
   Teresa Romão, Luís Rato, Antão Almada, A. Eduardo Dias

bulletAutomatic Acquisition of Formal Concepts from Text
   [ 2008 ] - articles
   Pablo Gamallo, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Alexandre Agustini

bulletInteracção 2008 -- Actas da 3ª Conferência Nacional em Interacção Pessoa-Máquina
   [ 2008 ] - editorial activities
   José Creissac Campos, Daniel Gonçalves, Teresa Romão, Luís Rato

bulletRanking and Extraction of Relevant Single Words in text
   [ 2008 ] - book chapters
   João Ventura, Joaquim Ferreira da Silva

bulletMobile and Web Tools for Participative Learning
   [ 2008 ] - dissertations
   Diogo Cabral

bulletUm Caso Prático de Reabilitação de um Editor de Jogos Móveis Utilizando o Paradigma Model-View-Controller
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   Bruno Cardoso, Teresa Romão

bulletEfficient Multi-Word Expressions Extractor Using Suffix Arrays and Related Structures
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   José Aires, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Joaquim Ferreira da Silva

bulletWorkshop on Cross-media information analysis, extraction and management
   [ 2008 ] - editorial activities
   João Magalhães, Spiros Nikolopoulos

bulletImplementation of a learning card in Moodle
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   Vitor Rocio, José Coelho, Alda Pereira

bulletNew challenges for e-Learning Post-Graduation in Exact and Technological Sciences
   [ 2008 ] - in proceedings
   Sandra Caeiro, Fernando Costa, Ana Pinto Moura, Ana Paula Martinho, Paula Nicolau, Maria do Rosário Ramos, João Araújo, Ulisses Azeiteiro, Vitor Rocio

bulletNeuro-Symbolic Word Tagging
   [ Dec, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Nuno Marques, Sebastian Bader, Steffen Hölldobler, Vitor Rocio

bulletLanguage Identification in Documents, Including Unknown Languages: a Statistical Approach
   [ Dec, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Joaquim Ferreira da Silva, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, José Reis, João Tiago Mexia

bulletDetection of Strange and Wrong Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging
   [ Dec, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Vitor Rocio, Joaquim Ferreira da Silva, Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletNew Techniques for Relevant Word Ranking and Extraction
   [ Dec, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   João Ventura, Joaquim Ferreira da Silva

bulletDocument Retrieval for Question Answering: A Quantitative Evaluation of Text Preprocessing
   [ Nov, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Gracinda Carvalho, David Matos, Vitor Rocio

bulletInteraction between Shared Displays and Mobile Devices in an Augmented Objects Framework
   [ Nov, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Nuno Correia

bulletMelhoramento de Caminhos na Geração Automática de Visitas Guiadas
   [ Oct, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Sofia Reis, Manuel Prospero dos Santos

bulletInducing Classes of Terms from Text
   [ Sep, 2007 ] - in proceedings
   Pablo Gamallo, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Alexandre Agustini

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