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[ MultiModal Systems ]

Multimodal Systems researches methods and tools to build interactive systems using information processing techniques. The research topics are defined in a context where multiple devices are used for interaction and an increasing amount of multimedia information is produced everyday. The potential of multimedia information can only be harnessed if the semantic content is properly represented. Additionally, the interface between the information space and the humans has to be carefully designed.

bulletNuno Correia, Full Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletManuel Prospero dos Santos, Associate Professor
bulletVitor Rocio, Associate Professor
bulletA. Eduardo Dias, Assistant Professor
bulletArmanda Rodrigues, Assistant Professor
bulletFernando Birra, Assistant Professor
bulletJoaquim Ferreira da Silva, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Magalhães, Assistant Professor
bulletSofia Cavaco, Assistant Professor
bulletTeresa Romão, Assistant Professor
bulletAdriano Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletGabriel Pereira Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletAndré Sabino, PhD Student
bulletBruno Cardoso, PhD Student
bulletDiogo Cabral, PhD Student
bulletFilipa Peleja, PhD Student
bulletGracinda Carvalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão Ventura, PhD Student
bulletJorge Costa, PhD Student
bulletJosé Aires, PhD Student
bulletKavitha Mahesh, PhD Student
bulletLuís Gomes, PhD Student
bulletPedro Centieiro, PhD Student
bulletRossana Santos, PhD Student
bulletRui Gamito, PhD Student
bulletRui Nóbrega, PhD Student
bulletRui Neves Madeira, PhD Student
bulletSofia Reis, PhD Student
bulletTarquínio Mota, PhD Student
bulletValentim Realinho, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (39)
*  Publications (355)
*  Seminars @ CITI (21)
*  External Talks (58)
*  Graduation Activities (234)
*  Organization of Events (154)
*  Editorial Committees (3)
*  Prototypes (66)
*  Visits (79)

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bulletWhen Away Applaud Anyway
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Centieiro, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias

bulletUBI, The Guardian Dragon: Your Virtual Sidekick
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rossana Santos, Nuno Correia

bulletEnhancing level difficulty and additional content in platform videogames through graph analysis
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Fausto José Mourato, Fernando Birra, Manuel Prospero dos Santos

bulletA Gesture Interface Game for Energy Consumption Awareness
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Ricardo Salvador, Teresa Romão, Pedro Centieiro

bulletChanging Environmental Behaviors through Smartphone-based Augmented Experiences
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Bruno Santos, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias, Pedro Centieiro, Bárbara Teixeira

bulletApplaud Having Fun: A Mobile Game to Cheer your Favourite Sports Team
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Centieiro, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias

bulletSistema integrado de geração automática de conteúdo para videojogos de plataformas
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Fausto José Mourato, Fernando Birra, Manuel Prospero dos Santos

bulletVideoInk: A Pen-based Approach for Video Editing
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Diogo Cabral, Nuno Correia

bulletIntegrated System for Automatic Platform Game Level Creation with Difficulty and Content Adaptation
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Fausto José Mourato, Manuel Prospero dos Santos, Fernando Birra

bulletInserção Dinâmica de Objectos Virtuais no Contexto de Fotografias Tiradas por Utilizadores
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Nóbrega, Nuno Correia

bulletPlaying with the Weather
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Sofia Reis, Nuno Correia

bulletPersonalization of an Energy Awareness Pervasive Game
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, André Vieira, Nuno Correia

bulletExpanding the Magic Circle in Pervasive Casual Play
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Sofia Reis, Nuno Correia

bulletSentiTVchat: Sensing the mood of Social-TV viewers
   [ Jul, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Flávio Martins, Filipa Peleja, João Magalhães

bulletNavigation in Past Museum Exhibitions using Multimedia Archives
   [ May, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Nóbrega, Nuno Correia, Carlos Nobre, Bárbara Teixeira, Leonor Oliveira, Raquel Henriques

bulletEvaluation of a Multimodal Video Annotator for Contemporary Dance
   [ May, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Diogo Cabral, João Valente, Urândia Aragão, Carla Fernandes, Nuno Correia

bulletVirtual Reality Embedding in Photos and Videos
   [ May, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Nóbrega, Nuno Correia

bulletMagnetic Augmented Reality: Virtual Objects in Your Space
   [ May, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Nóbrega, Nuno Correia

bulletRethinking Mobile Search: Towards Casual, Shared, Social Mobile Search Experiences
   [ Apr, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Sofia Reis, Karen Church, Nuria Oliver

bulletPersonalization in Pervasive Spaces towards Smart Interactions Design
   [ Mar, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira

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