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[ MultiModal Systems ]

Multimodal Systems researches methods and tools to build interactive systems using information processing techniques. The research topics are defined in a context where multiple devices are used for interaction and an increasing amount of multimedia information is produced everyday. The potential of multimedia information can only be harnessed if the semantic content is properly represented. Additionally, the interface between the information space and the humans has to be carefully designed.

bulletNuno Correia, Full Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletManuel Prospero dos Santos, Associate Professor
bulletVitor Rocio, Associate Professor
bulletA. Eduardo Dias, Assistant Professor
bulletArmanda Rodrigues, Assistant Professor
bulletFernando Birra, Assistant Professor
bulletJoaquim Ferreira da Silva, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Magalhães, Assistant Professor
bulletSofia Cavaco, Assistant Professor
bulletTeresa Romão, Assistant Professor
bulletAdriano Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletGabriel Pereira Lopes, Associate Researcher
bulletAndré Sabino, PhD Student
bulletBruno Cardoso, PhD Student
bulletDiogo Cabral, PhD Student
bulletFilipa Peleja, PhD Student
bulletGracinda Carvalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão Ventura, PhD Student
bulletJorge Costa, PhD Student
bulletJosé Aires, PhD Student
bulletKavitha Mahesh, PhD Student
bulletLuís Gomes, PhD Student
bulletPedro Centieiro, PhD Student
bulletRossana Santos, PhD Student
bulletRui Gamito, PhD Student
bulletRui Nóbrega, PhD Student
bulletRui Neves Madeira, PhD Student
bulletSofia Reis, PhD Student
bulletTarquínio Mota, PhD Student
bulletValentim Realinho, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (39)
*  Publications (355)
*  Seminars @ CITI (21)
*  External Talks (58)
*  Graduation Activities (234)
*  Organization of Events (154)
*  Editorial Committees (3)
*  Prototypes (66)
*  Visits (79)

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bulletModel-based Solution for Personalization of the User Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing
   [ Dec, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Pedro Albuquerque Santos, André Vieira, Nuno Correia

bulletBuilding a Platform for Pervasive Personalization in a Ubiquitous Computing World
   [ Dec, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Pedro Albuquerque Santos, Nuno Correia

bulletSuper-Fon: Mobile Entertainment to Combat Phonological Disorders in Children
   [ Nov, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Rui Neves Madeira, Patrícia Macedo, Sofia Reis, João Lima Ferreira

bulletIdentification of Bilingual Suffix Classes for Classification and Translation Generation
   [ Nov, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Kavitha Mahesh, Luís Gomes, Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletIdentifying Bilingual Segments for Translation Generation
   [ Oct, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Kavitha Mahesh, Luís Gomes, Gabriel Pereira Lopes

bulletReputation Analysis with a Ranked Sentiment-Lexicon
   [ Jul, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Filipa Peleja, João M. Santos, João Magalhães

bulletDesenvolvimento do sistema de Previsão e Alerta de Inundações HIDRALERTA: Caso de Estudo da Costa da Caparica
   [ Jun, 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Poseiro, M. T. Reis, C. J. E. M. Fortes, Eduardo Lopes, André Sabino, Armanda Rodrigues

bulletCasual Games with a Pervasive Twist
   [ Apr, 2014 ] - articles
   Sofia Reis, Nuno Correia

bulletVideo Interaction using Pen-based Technology
   [ Feb, 2014 ] - dissertations
   Diogo Cabral

bulletThe Timeline as a Programming Interface
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Bruno Cardoso, Teresa Romão

bulletHIDRALERTA Project – A Flood Forecast and Alert System in Coastal and Port Areas
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   C. J. E. M. Fortes, M. T. Reis, Pedro Poseiro, J. A. Santos, L. Pinheiro, J. Craveiro, Armanda Rodrigues, André Sabino, S. F. Silva, J. C. Ferreira, P. Raposeiro, C. Silva, M. C. Rodrigues, A. Simões, E. B. Azevedo, F. Reis

bulletAn interactive toolset for speech therapy
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   André Grossinho, Sofia Cavaco, João Magalhães

bulletDesign of an Interactive Experience with Medieval Illuminations: A Journey into the Beauty and Meaning of Medieval Portuguese Manuscripts
   [ 2014 ] - articles
   Nuno Correia, Teresa Romão, Tarquínio Mota, Maria João Melo

bulletIndirect Location Recommendation
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   André Sabino, Armanda Rodrigues

bulletEntertaining the Whole World
   [ 2014 ] - editorial activities
   Adrian Cheok, Teresa Romão, Anton Nijholt

bulletFrom the Lab to the World: Studying Real-time Second Screen Interaction with Live Sports
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Centieiro, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias

bulletBet without Looking: Studying Eyes-Free Interaction During Live Sports
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Centieiro, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias, David Furio

bulletAplicação do Sistema Hidralerta na avaliação do risco associado ao Galgamento no Porto da Praia da Vitória
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   C. J. E. M. Fortes, R. Reis, M. T. Reis, Pedro Poseiro, R. Capitão, L. Pinheiro, J. Craveiro, J. A. Santos, S. F. Silva, J. C. Ferreira, M. Martinho, André Sabino, Armanda Rodrigues, P. Raposeiro, C. Silva, A. Simões, E. B. Azevedo, F. Vieira, M. C. Rodrigues

bulletAplicação do sistema HIDRALERTA de previsão e alerta de inundações: Caso de estudo da Praia da Vitória
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Pedro Poseiro, André Sabino, C. J. E. M. Fortes, M. T. Reis, Armanda Rodrigues

bulletSummarised Presentation of Personal Photo Sets.
   [ 2014 ] - in proceedings
   Nuno Datia, João Carlos Gomes Moura Pires, Nuno Correia

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