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[ Computer Systems ]

Computer Systems addresses topics related to the construction of software systems for currently emerging computing infrastructures, with a focus on techniques for improving performance, reliability and availability in clusters and clouds. Sample applications that may benefit from our research include high performance applications (e.g. software for scientific experiments) and systems requiring high reliability or availability (e.g. business apps, web shops, social networks).

bulletNuno Preguiça, Assistant Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletJosé Legatheaux Martins, Full Professor
bulletPedro Medeiros, Associate Professor
bulletRodrigo Rodrigues, Associate Professor
bulletCarmen Morgado, Assistant Professor
bulletHenrique João Domingos, Assistant Professor
bulletHervé Paulino, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Lourenço, Assistant Professor
bulletMaria Cecília Gomes, Assistant Professor
bulletPaulo Afonso Lopes, Assistant Professor
bulletRui Marques, Assistant Professor
bulletSérgio Duarte, Assistant Professor
bulletVítor Duarte, Assistant Professor
bulletHenrique Moniz, Associate Researcher
bulletJoão Leitão, Associate Researcher
bulletKonstantinos (Kostas) Kloudas, Associate Researcher
bulletRicardo Dias, Associate Researcher
bulletTamito Kajiyama, Associate Researcher
bulletBernardo Ferreira, PhD Student
bulletCarlos Gonçalves, PhD Student
bulletDanielPorto, PhD Student
bulletDavid Navalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão André Silva, PhD Student
bulletJoão Soares, PhD Student
bulletLuis Assunção, PhD Student
bulletMiguel Ramos, PhD Student
bulletNuno Oliveira, PhD Student
bulletTiago Vale, PhD Student
bulletValter Balegas, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (42)
*  Publications (411)
*  Seminars @ CITI (56)
*  External Talks (42)
*  Graduation Activities (270)
*  Organization of Events (272)
*  Editorial Committees (8)
*  Prototypes (75)
*  Visits (43)

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bulletSpecial Session on Debugging
   [ Oct, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Yoav Hollander, Alan Hu, João Lourenço, Ronny Morad

bulletReplicated Software Components for Improved Performance
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Paulo Mariano, João Soares, Nuno Preguiça

bulletDecentralized Processing for Participatory Sensing Data
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Heitor Ferreira, Sérgio Duarte, Nuno Preguiça

bulletMonte Carlo code for high spatial resolution ocean color simulations
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - articles
   Davide D\'Alimonte, Giuseppe Zibordi, Tamito Kajiyama, José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha

bulletDetecting Snapshot Isolation Anomalies in Transactional Memory
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - other publications
   Ricardo Dias

bulletCollaborative cellular-based location system
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   David Navalho, Nuno Preguiça

bulletA Static Approach for Detecting Concurrency Anomalies in Transactional Memory
   [ Sep, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Bruno Cavaca Teixeira, João Lourenço, Diogo Sousa

bulletDecentralized Processing Strategies for Participatory Sensing Data
   [ Aug, 2010 ] - technical reports
   Heitor Ferreira, Sérgio Duarte, Nuno Preguiça

bulletpCFS vs. PVFS: comparing a highly-available symmetrical parallel cluster file system with an asymmetrical parallel file system
   [ Aug, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Paulo Afonso Lopes, Pedro Medeiros

bulletFlexible and Efficient Resource Location in Large-Scale Systems
   [ Jul, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   João Alveirinho, João Paiva, João Leitão, Luis Rodrigues

bulletOpen virtualization framework for testing Ground Systems
   [ Jul, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Nuno Duro, Rui Santos, João Lourenço, Hervé Paulino, João André Branqueiro Barata Martins

bulletOn the Definition of Service Abstractions for Parallel Computing
   [ Jul, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Hervé Paulino

bulletDetection of Transactional Memory Anomalies using Static Analysis
   [ Jul, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Bruno Cavaca Teixeira, João Lourenço, Eitan Farchi, Ricardo Dias, Diogo Sousa

bulletPADTAD '10: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Systems
   [ Jul, 2010 ] - editorial activities
   João Lourenço, Eitan Farchi, Shmuel Ur

bulletHigh-performance Ocean Color Monte Carlo Simulation in the GeoInfo Project
   [ Jun, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Tamito Kajiyama, Davide D\'Alimonte, José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha, Giuseppe Zibordi

bulletObservable Non-Sybil Quorums Construction in One-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
   [ Jun, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Diogo Mónica, João Leitão, Luis Rodrigues, Carlos Ribeiro

bulletA Graphical Tool for the Tomographic Characterization of Microstructural Features on Metal Matrix Composites
   [ Jun, 2010 ] - articles
   Pedro Medeiros

bulletUsing libPcap for Monitoring Distributed Applications
   [ Jun, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Vítor Duarte, Nuno Farruca

bulletParallel Computing and Protein Design
   [ May, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   Leonor Cruzeiro, Paulo Afonso Lopes

bulletMobile Users are not Static Users on the Move
   [ May, 2010 ] - in proceedings
   João Garcia, João Leitão, Paulo Ferreira

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