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[ Computer Systems ]

Computer Systems addresses topics related to the construction of software systems for currently emerging computing infrastructures, with a focus on techniques for improving performance, reliability and availability in clusters and clouds. Sample applications that may benefit from our research include high performance applications (e.g. software for scientific experiments) and systems requiring high reliability or availability (e.g. business apps, web shops, social networks).

bulletNuno Preguiça, Assistant Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletJosé Legatheaux Martins, Full Professor
bulletPedro Medeiros, Associate Professor
bulletRodrigo Rodrigues, Associate Professor
bulletCarmen Morgado, Assistant Professor
bulletHenrique João Domingos, Assistant Professor
bulletHervé Paulino, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Lourenço, Assistant Professor
bulletMaria Cecília Gomes, Assistant Professor
bulletPaulo Afonso Lopes, Assistant Professor
bulletRui Marques, Assistant Professor
bulletSérgio Duarte, Assistant Professor
bulletVítor Duarte, Assistant Professor
bulletHenrique Moniz, Associate Researcher
bulletJoão Leitão, Associate Researcher
bulletKonstantinos (Kostas) Kloudas, Associate Researcher
bulletRicardo Dias, Associate Researcher
bulletTamito Kajiyama, Associate Researcher
bulletBernardo Ferreira, PhD Student
bulletCarlos Gonçalves, PhD Student
bulletDanielPorto, PhD Student
bulletDavid Navalho, PhD Student
bulletJoão André Silva, PhD Student
bulletJoão Soares, PhD Student
bulletLuis Assunção, PhD Student
bulletMiguel Ramos, PhD Student
bulletNuno Oliveira, PhD Student
bulletTiago Vale, PhD Student
bulletValter Balegas, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (42)
*  Publications (411)
*  Seminars @ CITI (56)
*  External Talks (42)
*  Graduation Activities (270)
*  Organization of Events (272)
*  Editorial Committees (8)
*  Prototypes (75)
*  Visits (43)

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* Strong consistency in cloud environments
   Phd, Valter Balegas
   [ ongoing since 1 Sep 2012 ]
   Supervised by Nuno Preguiça

* An Adaptive Computing System for Parallel and Distributed Architectures (Um Sistema de Computação Adaptável para Arquitecturas Heterogéneas Paralelas e Distribuídas)
   Phd, Carlos Gonçalves
   [ ongoing since 1 Sep 2009 ]
   Supervised by José Alberto Cardoso e Cunha

* A Heterogeneous Runtime Environment for Scientific Desktop Computing
   Phd, Nuno Oliveira
   [ ongoing since 15 Oct 2008 ]
   Supervised by Pedro Medeiros

* Monitorização de Serviços e Infra-estruturas de Centro de Dados
   MSc, Paulo R. R. Mendes (Departamento de Informática FCT/UNL)
   [ ongoing since 31 Oct 2007 ]
   Supervised by Vítor Duarte

* A framework for interconnecting mobile devices and parallel processing platforms
   MSc, Pedro Vicente Garrinhas (Departamento de Informática FCT/UNL)
   [ ongoing since 30 Oct 2005 ]
   Supervised by Pedro Medeiros

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