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[ Software Systems ]

Software Systems researches new programming and modeling languages, development methods and environments for large software-intensive systems, with a focus on web based and dependable systems, where communication and concurrency are pervasive. Sample application scenarios we are particularly interested in include web based applications (e.g., business apps, social networks), service infrastructures (e.g., app-stores, multi-party services / mashups), and ubiquitous computing infrastructures, such as smart buildings. Our work bridges from foundational theoretical principles to prototype development, experimental validation, and ultimately to technology and knowledge transfer.

bulletLuis Caires, Full Professor, Area/Group coordinator
bulletLuis Monteiro, Full Professor
bulletPedro Guerreiro, Full Professor
bulletAna Moreira, Associate Professor
bulletFernando Brito e Abreu, Associate Professor
bulletAntónio Ravara, Assistant Professor
bulletArtur Miguel Dias, Assistant Professor
bulletCarla Ferreira, Assistant Professor
bulletFernanda Barbosa, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Araújo, Assistant Professor
bulletJoão Costa Seco, Assistant Professor
bulletMargarida Mamede, Assistant Professor
bulletMiguel Goulão, Assistant Professor
bulletMiguel Pessoa Monteiro, Assistant Professor
bulletVasco Amaral, Assistant Professor
bulletAnacleto Correia, Associate Researcher
bulletElisabete Freire, Associate Researcher
bulletHugo Torres Vieira, Associate Researcher
bulletIsabel Sofia Brito, Associate Researcher
bulletJorge A. Pérez, Associate Researcher
bulletLuís Alexandre Ferreira da Silva, Associate Researcher
bulletMarco Giunti, Associate Researcher
bulletMauricio Alférez, Associate Researcher
bulletAna Paula Maldonado, PhD Student
bulletAnkica Barisic, PhD Student
bulletAnne Kersten, PhD Student
bulletBernardo Toninho, PhD Student
bulletCarlos Leandro, PhD Student
bulletCédric Grueau, PhD Student
bulletFilipe Militão, PhD Student
bulletJorge Barreiros, PhD Student
bulletJosé Magno Lopes, PhD Student
bulletLuísa Lourenço, PhD Student
bulletMiguel Domingues, PhD Student
bulletSérgio Bryton, PhD Student
bulletTiago Santos, PhD Student
Research Stream Activities:

*  Research Projects (55)
*  Publications (735)
*  Seminars @ CITI (86)
*  External Talks (128)
*  Graduation Activities (230)
*  Organization of Events (277)
*  Editorial Committees (11)
*  Prototypes (72)
*  Visits (128)

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bulletTowards Global and Local Types for Adaptation
   [ 2013 ] - in proceedings
   Mario Bravetti, Marco Carbone, Thomas Hildebrandt, Ivan Lanese, Jacopo Mauro, Jorge A. Pérez, Gianluigi Zavattaro

bulletUsing Aspects to Model Volatile Concerns
   [ 2013 ] - book chapters
   Ana Moreira, João Araújo, Jon whittle, Miguel Goulão

bullet16th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
   [ 2013 ] - editorial activities
   Ana Moreira, Bernhard Schatz, Jeff Gray, Antonio Vallecillo, Peter Clarke

bulletMapping aspects from requirements to architecture
   [ 2013 ] - book chapters
   Pablo Sanchez, Ana Moreira, João Araújo, Lidia Fuentes

bulletConflict Identification with EA-Analyser
   [ 2013 ] - book chapters
   Alberto Sardinha, Awais Rashid, Ana Moreira, João Araújo, Ruzanna Chitchyan

bulletAlgorithmic type checking for a pi calculus with name matching and session types
   [ 2013 ] - articles
   Marco Giunti

bulletAn aspect-oriented approach for spatial concerns in Web applications
   [ 2013 ] - articles
   Matias Urbieta, Gustavo Rossi, S. Gordillo, Armanda Rodrigues, João Araújo, Ana Moreira

bulletAspect-Oriented Compositions for Dynamic Behaviour Models
   [ 2013 ] - book chapters
   João Araújo, Jon whittle

bulletProceedings of the Fourth International Comparing Modeling Approaches Workshop
   [ 2013 ] - editorial activities
   Ana Moreira, Geri George, Gunter Mussbacher, Jorg Kienzle, Robert France, Shaukat Ali

bulletAdaptable Processes
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - articles
   Mario Bravetti, Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez, Gianluigi Zavattaro

bulletImproving IT Infrastructures Representation: A UML Profile
   [ Nov, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Luís Alexandre Ferreira da Silva, Fernando Brito e Abreu, Victor Moreira

bulletDocumenting Patterns with Business Process Models
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - other publications
   Pedro Costa Monteiro, Miguel Pessoa Monteiro

bulletAdding preciseness to BPMN Models
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Anacleto Correia, Fernando Brito e Abreu

bulletThe RPG DSL: a case study of language engineering using MDD for Generating RPG Games for Mobile Phones
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Eduardo Marques, Valter Balegas, Bruno Barroca, Vasco Amaral, Ankica Barisic

bulletTowards the Verification of Adaptable Processes
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Mario Bravetti, Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez, Gianluigi Zavattaro

bulletPatterns for Evaluating Usability of Domain-Specific Languages
   [ Oct, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Ankica Barisic, Pedro Costa Monteiro, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão, Miguel Pessoa Monteiro

bulletProceedings of the 4th Portuguese Software Engineering Doctoral Symposium (SEDES'2012)
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - editorial activities
   Miguel Goulão, Fernando Brito e Abreu

bulletEvaluating the Usability of Domain-Specific Languages
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - book chapters
   Ankica Barisic, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão, Bruno Barroca

bulletUsability Evaluation of Domain-Specific Languages
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - in proceedings
   Ankica Barisic, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão

bulletImplementing design patterns in Object Teams
   [ Sep, 2012 ] - articles
   Miguel Pessoa Monteiro, João Lopes Gomes

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