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Hybrid Simulation Environment for the Experimental Assessment of Intrusion Tolerant Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

This document is a technical report of an UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program) project developed at the DI-FCT-UNL and CITI Research Center. In this UROP we designed and implemented a prototype for a virtual test-bed model (VTM) with hybrid support (VTM-HS) for the experimental assessment of intrusion tolerant routing protocols for WSN (wireless sensor networks) and the research task was integrated as an experiment integrated in the context of SITAN Research Project (PTDC/EIA 113729/2009). The experiment is integrated with the WiSeNet WSN simulation environment, one of the tools developed in the context of the SITAN project, previously developed in the CITI and DI/FCT/UNL. The VTM-HS prototype, integrates, in a seamlessly way, physical 802.15.4 sensors based on SUN-SPOT nodes with the WiSeNet simulation environment, providing an hybrid simulation environment for comparative observations and calibrations between the real nodes and virtualized nodes working in a large-scale WSN topology, in the study of intrusion tolerant routing protocols.


Institution: CITI ( Portugal )

Number: SITAN-TR-01-2012

Date: January, 2012

    Henrique João Domingos, João Carlos Andrade de Almeida (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
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