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A Multi-Path Intrusion Tolerant Routing Service for Wireless Sensor Networks using Dijoint Routes and Multiple Base Stations

In this technical report we present MIT4WSN a multipath redundant intrusion-tolerant routing system for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) using multiple disjoint routes and multiple base stations. In the MIT4WSN design we combine two mechanisms, working in two different approach levels. In the first level the WSN is organized as a multi-tree structure, with disjoint redundant multipath routes discovered and established between sensor nodes and multiple base stations. In a second layer the multiple base stations implement an intrusion tolerant environment supported by byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanisms. The objective of the first layer is to prevent damages caused by intrusions compromising the WSN nodes in a partial network region, with a first line of defense built with lightweight mechanisms that can operate in a flexible way to address energy, reliability and security tradeoffs. The second layer implements a second line of defense, providing protection from intrusions that attempt to compromise the base stations. We evaluate the proposal using a WSN simulation environment. In our evaluations we also use tools, integrated with the simulation tools, allowing the hybrid integration and calibration of the simulation environment with real sensor nodes and real base-stations, implemented with raspberry-pi single board computers.

URL: http://

Institution: CITI ( Portugal )

Number: SITAN-TR-02-2014

Date: July, 2014

    Henrique João Domingos, João Carlos Andrade de Almeida (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
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