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Low Cost Location-Based Services

This paper describes a low-cost radio frequency (RF) location system, Loc4U, that can be easily deployed anywhere with minimal impact in the environment. The overall architecture can grow as needed to supply better accuracy, include additional points of interest, and also support more types of interaction devices. Hybrid and symbolic location models will be used to better model geospatial data to applications. Optionally, orientation information can be supplied to visitors. Furthermore, radio interferences are taken into account and their impact is reduced.

Description: GISPLANET 2005 Conference Proceedings are available on CD.

Date: 2005

    José Carlos Danado (Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell\'Informazione \"Alessandro Faedo\"), A. Eduardo Dias, Teresa Romão, Patrícia Valinho (Ydreams), Bruno Serras (Ydreams), Ivan Franco (Ydreams), David Palma (Ydreams)
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