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An Event-Based Approach to Runtime Adaptation in Communication-Centric Systems

This paper addresses the enhancement of session-based concurrency with constructs for runtime adaptation, to allow for the dynamic update of the behavior of communication-centric systems. We propose an event-based approach: adaptation requests, issued by the system or its environment, are assimilated to events which may trigger runtime adaptation routines. Based on type-directed checks, these routines naturally enable the reconfiguration of processes with active sessions. An associated type system ensures communication safety and consis- tency properties: while the former guarantees absence of runtime communication errors, the latter ensures that update actions do not disrupt established sessions.

@ Web Services and Formal Methods - 11th International Workshop, WS-FM 2014

Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (To appear)

Publisher: Springer ( Germany )

Date: November, 2014


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