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Supporting Multiple Data Replication Models in Distributed Transactional Memory

Distributed transactional memory (DTM) presents itself as a highly expressive and programmer friendly model for con- currency control in distributed programming. Current DTM systems make use of both data distribution and replication as a way of providing scalability and fault tolerance, but both techniques have advantages and drawbacks. As such, each one is suitable for different target applications, and deployment environments. In this paper we address the support of different data replication models in DTM. To that end we propose ReDstm, a modular and non-intrusive framework for DTM, that supports multiple data replication models in a general purpose programming language (Java). We show its application in the implementation of distributed software transactional memories with different replication models, and evaluate the framework via a set of well-known benchmarks, analysing the impact of the different replica- tion models on memory usage and transaction throughput.

@ International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 2015)

Publisher: ACM ( United States )

Date: January, 2015


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