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Towards the Transparent Execution of Compound OpenCL Computations in Multi-CPU/Multi-GPU Environments

Current computational systems are heterogeneous by nature, featuring a combination of CPUs and GPUs. As the latter are becoming an established platform for high-performance computing, the focus is shifting towards the seamless programming of the heterogeneous systems as a whole. The distinct nature of the architectural and execution models in place raise several challenges, as the best hardware configuration is behavior and data-set dependent. In this paper, we focus the execution of compound computations in multi-CPU/multi-GPU environments, in the scope of Marrow algorithmic skeleton framework, the only, to the best of our knowledge, to support skeleton nesting in GPU computing. We address how these computations may be efficiently scheduled onto the target hardware, and how the system may adapt itself to changes in the CPU’s load and in the input data-set.

@ Euro-Par 2014 International Workshops, Porto, Portugal, August 25-26, 2014, Revised Selected Papers, Part I

Editors: Luís Lopes at al.

Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Number: 8805

Publisher: Springer International Publishing ( Switzerland )

Pages: 177 to 188

Date: December, 2014


    Fábio Soldado (DI-FCT-UNL), Fernando Jorge Marques Alexandre (DI-FCT-UNL), Hervé Paulino
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