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Bet without Looking: Studying Eyes-Free Interaction During Live Sports

This paper presents a comparison study of three different interaction methods for an eyes-free interaction with a second screen application while watching a TV broadcast. These interaction methods were used in WeBet, a touch-based mobile game that prompts users to bet if a goal is about to happen during a football match. WeBet is one of the prototypes we have been developing to increase the remote users’ emotional levels during live sports broadcasts, so that they feel like if they were scoring a goal with their team. However, that can only be achieved if the second screen application does not require the users’ attention when a goal (key moment) is just about to happen, otherwise they would be frustrated to miss that exciting moment. To this end, we conducted user tests that allowed us to determine the usage patterns and users’ preferences regarding three different interaction methods, as well as to identify important refinements to be considered in future developments.

@ Proceedings of HCII 2014

Publisher: Springer ( Germany )

Date: 2014


    Pedro Centieiro (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias, David Furio (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
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