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Economic Activity Recognition

The identification of the economic activities performed by a company and its recognition from the text in the company’s web site, is a task that has not yet received much attention in text mining and business intelligence applications. In this paper, we present a system de- signed for recognizing economic activities performed by companies from text obtained from their websites. The applied strategy makes use of the composition of an economic activity, which reduces the size of the required gazetteers. The system achieved a recall of 63%, a precision of 61%, and an F1-measure of 62%.

@ Advances in Artifical Intelligence

Editors: Luís Correia, Luís Paulo Reis, José Cascalho, Luís Mendes Gomes, Hélia Guerra, Pedro Cardoso

Publisher: APPIA - Associação Portuguesa para a Inteligência Artificial ( Portugal )

Pages: 332 to 343

Date: September, 2013


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