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FCT4U – When private mobile displays meet public situated displays to enhance the user experience

The last years created a solid opportunity to realize an important vision of ubiquitous computing, which is the seamless and pervasive integration of mobile and fixed infrastructures to support everyday tasks. Nowadays, mobile devices are essential tools for developed countries’ daily living, while situated large displays are being widely deployed in public areas, shops, and private institutions. This paper describes the issues surrounding the interaction approaches and the technologies we are using to study how to enhance the user experience when mobile displays meet the larger situated displays. We describe FCT4U, a public situated display based system that is used to present additional relevant information to users at a Faculty campus. The system proactively displays information tailored to the users that are recognized in its area of action. A mobile application was developed for active and direct user interaction with the display. A platform for personalization is also introduced. The paper presents a user study conducted to assess and validate the project’s purpose and its different interaction modes in order to enhance the user experience.

@ Proceedings of The 10th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC-2013)

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society ( United States )

Date: December, 2013


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