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A Bootstrapping Algorithm for Learning the Polarity of Words

Polarity lexicons are lists of words (or meanings) where each entry is labelled as positive, negative or neutral. These lists are not available for different languages and specific domains. This work proposes and evaluates a new algorithm to classify words as positive, negative or neutral, relying on a small seed set of words, a common dictionary and a propagation algorithm. We evaluate the positive and negative polarity propagation of words, as well as the neutral polarity. The propagation is evaluated with different settings and lexical resources.


@ Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language

Editors: Helena Caseli, Aline Villavicencio, António Teixeira, Fernando Perdigão

Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Number: 7243

Publisher: Springer-Verlag ( Germany )

Pages: 229 to 234

Date: 2012


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