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The RPG DSL: a case study of language engineering using MDD for Generating RPG Games for Mobile Phones

It is typical in the domain of digital games to have many development problems due to its increasing complexity. Those difficulties include: i) little code reuse in order to develop a cross-platform game; and ii) performing game's verification through extensive and expensive tests. This of course results in low productivity in the development (evolution and maintenance) of game solutions. In this paper, we present a domain-specific language (DSL) for a Role-Playing Game (RPG) product lines, which was completely built using a software development technique driven by high level abstractions - called Model-Driven Development (MDD). Also, we discuss and demonstrate the several benefits of applying MDD in terms of rapid prototyping of cross-platform games, and their evaluation by means of static and dynamic verification of the game's logic properties.


@ Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at OOPSLA/SPLASH

Publisher: ACM Electronic Library ( United States )

Date: October, 2012


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