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Exploring and Overcoming Major Challenges in IT Infrastructures Faced by IT Executives

This paper aims at identifying top challenges faced by IT executives in IT infrastructures to help the formulation of meaningful research questions. The introduction of this paper describes the importance of IT infrastructures to organizations. The top challenges according to a recent survey are also introduced in the state-of-the-art section. Then, to improve our understanding and face challenges, we propose an approach based upon a research method and we describe several research techniques that we plan to use (e.g. laddering technique) and the use of empirical research in IT infrastructures. Finally, we present the expected contributions, work already performed and some preliminary results.


@ Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA 2009)

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society ( United States )

Pages: 576 to 581

Date: October, 2009


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