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Defining Behaviours by Quasi-finality

This paper proposes a notion of quasi-final ob ject for any concrete category, by relegating to the underlying category some of the requirements that final ob jects must satisfy in the main category. We present some very basic properties of quasi-final ob jects and show how known behaviours like traces and failures for transition systems, and behaviours extracted from the final sequence of an arbitrary endofunctor (here restricted to the first ω terms) can be described by quasi-final ob jects.

@ Brazilian Symposium on Formal Mewthods (SBMF 2009)

Editors: M.V.M. Oliveira and J. Woodcock

Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Number: 5902

Publisher: Springer-Verlag ( Germany )

Pages: 290 to 305

Date: 2009


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