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A Model-Driven Traceability Framework to Software Product Line Development

In this paper, we present a model-driven traceability framework to software product line (SPL) development. Model-driven techniques are adopted with the aim to support the flexible specification of trace links between different kinds of SPL artefacts. A traceability metamodel is defined to support the flexible creation and storage of the SPL trace links. The framework is organized as a set of extensible plug-ins that can be instantiated to create customized trace queries and views. It is implemented based on the Eclipse platform and EMF technology. We illustrate a concrete instantiation of the framework to support the tracing between feature and use cases models.


@ ECMDA Traceability Workshop ECMDA-TW ( 2008 Proceedings)

Editors: Jon Oldvic, Goran olsen, Tor Neple, Richard Paige

Publisher: SINTEF ICT ( Norway )

Date: June, 2008


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