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Aspect Interaction Management with Meta-Aspects and Advice Cardinality

Aspect interactions are not necessarily bad or undesirable. In fact, interactions may be specifically crafted in order to achieve a certain desired effect. However, if such interactions are not managed deliberately, erroneous behaviour will potentially arise. It should be possible to specify what kinds of interaction are to be expected and admissible. Aspect interaction management should be performed using information that describes the desired aspect’s properties with respect to interaction with other aspects. Automated validation mechanisms should ensure these properties always hold. Aspect interactions that do not conform to the specification should be detected and reported. In this work, we define novel concepts regarding aspect interaction management. These concepts will be integrated and implemented in existing tools as future work.

@ Proc. of the European Conference on Object Oriented Programming, 2007 - Aspects, Dependencies, and Interactions Workshop

Publisher: Springer-Verlag ( Germany )

Date: August, 2007


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