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BPoSS - A Bluetooth Positioning System

This paper presents an experimental evaluation of a serverside Bluetooth positioning system, named BPoSS. The system is able to track the user in three dimensions, (x, y, floor), and is independent of the Bluetooth access points being used. This ability allows the system to grow when needed and gives the opportunity to use the existent network topology, if available. Moreover, several distinct areas with Bluetooth coverage can exist and the system is able to track the users seamlessly. The distance of the user to an access point is performed measuring the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and using an estimate to the related distance, or using precalculated values when measuring RSSI is not possible. User’s position is determined afterwards using the triangulation method described in [1]. To improve radio usage, BPoSS is a server side system able to provide geometric and symbolic information. Thus, the process of developing LBS applications is quicker, where geometric information is not an important issue and symbols can identify all points of interest.

@ Proc. of IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit 2004

Publisher: Elsevier ( Netherlands )

Pages: 985 to 989

Date: 2004


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