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Information Systems Performance Forecasting: Production of Simulation Tools
( MSc Thesis )

Computer Aided Design of Information Systems (CADIS) has recently started its first steps. New tools have arisen from the use of conceptual modeling approaches like Infolog used herein. The automatic generation of information systems prototypes should not be the only concern. Efficiency is also a must. That is why information systems performance is a sensible issue. Its preview in an early phase of the systems life-cycle will allow the selection of the most convenient representations. The reproduction of the information system real working scenarios includes the representation of the user’s community. The concepts of profile and privilege are proposed as an extension of the Infolog specification language. The transactions activated by users are modeled by means of scripts. The architecture of a workbench to support performance forecasting of information system prototypes using the aforementioned Infolog extension is also described.

School: Instituto Superior Técnico ( Portugal )

Date: November, 1989

Notes: Dissertation is written in Portuguese

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