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A language and a methodology for prototyping user interfaces for control systems

The BATIC3S project5 proposes a methodology to proto- type adaptive graphical user interfaces (GUI) for control systems. We present a domain speci c language for the control systems domain, in- cluding useful and understandable abstractions for domain experts. This is coupled with a methodology for validation, veri cation and automatic GUI prototype generation. The methodology is centered on metamodel- based techniques and model transformations, and its foundations rely on formal models. Our approach is based on the assumption that a GUI can be induced from the characteristics of the system to control.

@ Human Machine Interaction

Pages: 223 to 252

Publisher: Springer-Verlag ( Germany )

Date: 2009

    Vasco Amaral, Bruno Barroca, Matteo Risoldi (Centre Universitaire de Informatique de la Université de Genève), Didier Buchs (Centre Universitaire d\'Informatique de l\'Université de Genève), Gilles Falquet (University of Geneva)
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