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Dynamic Mesh Resolution and Stable Cloth Simulation

Computer simulated cloth demands significant processing power. In order to maintain a reasonable simulation speed, detail is generally sacrificed. Dynamic mesh resolution, through the use of adaptive level of detail, can be used to apply computational power to the simulation of those cloth regions where detail is critically more important. In this article we propose a technique to dynamically adjust the cloth mesh resolution without introducing simulation instability. The subdivision scheme adopted preserves mesh quality during successive refinement and simplification operations and it has some useful properties making it quite attractive in the context of a gradual level of detail variation. A geometric estimator is used to locally evaluate cloth curvature and to trigger mesh subdivision. The same estimator is also used to simplify neighbouring mesh triangles when curvature is considered small enough. However, mesh reduction can easily lead to simulation instability due to discontinuities generated on the equations describing the simulation. Our original contribution to avoid this scenario is the introduction of suitable stability criteria that will allow us to simplify the mesh and keep a stable cloth animation.


Journal: VIRtual ( Portugal )

Volume: Special Edition: Advances in Computer Graphics in Portugal

Date: November, 2004

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