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Engaging Remote Fans in Live Sports. International Journal of Arts and Technology

While watching live sports broadcasts we do not feel so emotionally connected with the performers and the in-venue fans, as we do when watching it live where the event takes place. Moreover, our remote actions are not reflected in the live event, so the objective of supporting our team is never really accomplished. By introducing a new interaction paradigm, based on persuasive technologies, mobile computing and the second screen concept, which stimulates remote fans to participate in the actions happening in the stadium, it is possible to provide users with entertainment and to bring the venue atmosphere, its immersion and emotional level to remote users. This paper presents the concepts and prototypes that have been designed to engage remote fans in broadcasted sports, and to make fans, both at the venue and worldwide, feel part of the same community. These prototypes are multiplayer mobile games, which allow remote fans to interact and mimic common actions usually performed by supporters attending sports events.

Journal: International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART) ( United States )

Volume: in press

Date: 2014

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