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Aspect-Oriented Specification: A Case Study in Space Domain

Aspect-oriented software development claims to increase several software engineering principles, such as modularization, abstraction and composability. This paper presents ASSD, “Aspect Specification for the Space Domain”, a metadata-driven approach for aspect-oriented requirements analysis. This approach has been defined in the context of the ASSD project, funded by the European Space Agency , whose main objectives were to study the applicability and usefulness of aspect-orientation for the space domain (ground segment software projects in particular), focusing on the early stages of the software development life cycle. Therefore, this paper describes a rigorous representation for requirements analysis concepts, refines an approach for handling early aspects, and proposes a client/server architecture based on a metadata repository. The ASSD approach has been validated with two Space domain case studies.

Journal: International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering ( United States )

Date: 2010

    Sergio Agostinho (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Ana Moreira, André Marques (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), João Araújo, Ricardo ferreira (UNINOVA), Ricardo Raminhos (UNINOVA), Rita Ribeiro (UNINOVA), Isabel Sofia Brito, Philippe Chevalley (ESA - European Space Agency)
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