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A Model-Driven Traceability Framework for Software Product Lines

Software product line (SPL) engineering is a recent approach to software development where a set of software products are derived for a well defined target application domain, from a common set of core assets using analogous means of production(for instance, through Model Driven Engineering). Therefore, such family of products are built from reuse, instead of developed individually from cratch. Software product lines promise to lower the costs of development, increase the quality of software, give clients more exibility and reduce time to market. These bene ts come with a set of new problems and turn some older problems possibly more complex. One of these problems is the management of traceability. In the European AMPLE project we are creating a common traceability framework across the various activities of the SPL development. We identi ed four orthogonal traceability dimensions in SPL development, one of which is an extension of what is often considered as "traceability of variability". This constitutes one of the two contributions of this paper. The second contribution is the specification of a metamodel for a repository of traceability links in the context of SPL and the implementation of a respective traceability framework. This framework allows us to perform fundamental traceability management operations, such as trace import and export, modi cation, query and visualization. The capacities of our framework are highlighted with an example scenario.


Journal: Software and Systems Modeling ( Germany )

Date: July, 2009

    Nicolas Anquetil (École des Mines de Nantes), Uirá Kulesza, Ralf Mitschke (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Ana Moreira, Jean-Claude Royer (Ecole de Mines de Nantes), Andreas Rummler (SAP), André Sousa
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