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VML* (Variability Modeling Languages for Model-Based Software Product Lines)

VML* is a generalization of the VML4RE. VML* is a general language that support traceability from features to models and product derivation in Software Product Lines. It can be used to manage variability of any type of model, supported by a metamodel. Since it is a general language, before managing variability in SPL (writting vml specifications), it is necessary to previsouly instantiate the language to deal with a specific kind of model. Instantiation includes the definition of specific transformations (or actions) appropriate to that kind of model. An advantage of this tool is that it can be used for product derivation support along all the SPL lifecycle, where, for each different model, a different instantiation is performed.

Date: 2009

Authors: Ana Moreira, João Araújo, João Santos, Mauricio Alférez
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