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IES-CBIR – A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Content-based Image Retrieval in the Cloud

This software prototype contains a Java framework for privacy-preserving content-based image retrieval in the Cloud. The framework is based on a new image encryption scheme specifically-tailored for images and their retrieval based on color contents, which is also implemented. The framework is comprised of a client and server modules, and remote communication is done through JAVA RMI. This prototype was used for the experimental evaluation of the following technical report: An implementation of the relevant related approaches is also included, as described in the report, including: an implementation of an Order Preserving Encryption scheme (based on, a Searchable Symmetric Encryption approach ( and an implementation of a Paillier-based SIFT approach (

Authors: Bernardo Ferreira, Henrique João Domingos, João Leitão
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