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VSKY - CloudRAID Middleware using Multiple Storage Clouds

Cloud-based solutions enable that users and organizations can manage data with low operational costs, avoiding the improvement of TCO to address the evolving requirements. However, the benefits of cloud as outsourced services come along with other challenges and open issues such as: security, privacy, reliability and availability, as criteria to be guaranteed with the loss of the entire data management, risk-management and trust-ability control. Another problem is the possible excessive user dependency on each provider, a problem that can be attenuated if multiple cloud providers are used, with replication or redundancy assumptions. However, the transparent support provided by multiple back-ended cloud services for specific applications requiring data privacy conditions is an open-issue. In general, a switch of a storage provider is also associated with high costs of adapting new APIs and additional charges for inbound and outbound bandwidth and requests. The VSKY prototype addresses a middleware transparent solution, supporting availability, confidentiality and reliability of data stored in a “cloud of multiple clouds”. To achieve this objective, the middleware encrypts and indexes data and make use of RAID management to control data distributed across different cloud storage providers. The back-end storage clouds can be added or removed transparently. VSKY is a proof-of-concept prototype showing the validity of the approach. We used the prototype to study the performance and cost effectiveness conditions, as well as, to study possible transparent and automatic optimizations from input parameterizations for expected costs versus required read/write latencies.

Date: March, 2014


Authors: Henrique João Domingos
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