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Tomo-GPU v2 Environment for processing tomographic images of composite materials

This prototype is an evolution of the 2011 prototype produced in the context of the FCT-funded project Tomo-GPU. The main goal of this project was to design, implement and assess a computational environment - Problem Solving Environment (PSE) - tailored to cope with the specific issues inherent to the analysis of tomographic images of composite materials, namely to the characterization of the reinforcement constituent in the samples. The PSE main features are: (i) running on a desktop PC equipped with GPGPUs (General Purpose Graphical Processing Units); (ii) allowing a non-specialist in Computer Science to define visual programs that specify a sequence of processing steps; (iii) execution times compatible with an interactive use, due to the computational processing power of GPUs; (iv) the inclusion of visualization modules and the possibility of steering the computations through parameter changes. When compared with the 2011 version, v2 includes: - many changes in the modules already present in the v1 version, coming from materials science specialists feedback - more efficient implementations (targeting GPUs) of some of the image processing algorithms - new modules targeted to the processing of tomographic images of composite materials where the density of the base material and of the reinforcements is small; in this case, the algorithms in version 1 did not allow a reliable identification of the reinforcements - facilities for visualization of reinforcement characterisitics

Authors: Adriano Lopes, Fernando Birra, Nuno Oliveira, Paulo Quaresma, Pedro Medeiros
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