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M2DM (Eclipse plugin for Java metrics formalization and collection)


Metamodel Driven Measurement (M2DM) is a paradigm-independent approach to formalize and automatically collect metrics. The latter are defined as OCL queries over a metamodel representing the target domain. M2DM was proposed in 2001 by Fernando Brito e Abreu and has been used since then within the QUASAR research group in diverse contexts such as UML modeling, component based development, aspect-oriented development, object-relational databases, IT service management or business process modeling (see QUASAR’s publications and dissertationpages for more details).

Due to the emergence of sanitized open source repositories, namely in Java, one of the most popular programming languages, the quest formining them for research purposes has increased lately. Research endeavors of this kind require empirical validation and the latter implies defining explanatory and outcome variables. Those variables are expressed in this context by the so-called software metrics. Despite the fact that several object-oriented metrics suites have been proposed in the past (e.g. C&K or MOOD suites), no M2DM open-source tool for Java was available and we kept receiving requests worldwide for such a tool. Therefore, we decided to build one on top of Eclipse, the most popular open-source IDE currently used. Since M2DM requires a metamodel of the target domain, we proposed the EJMM (Eclipse Java Metamodel), based upon and instantiated through Eclipse's Java Development Tools.

The provided M2DM plugin allows users to easily define new software metrics in OCL upon the EJMM. We have also ported FLAME (Formal Libray for Aiding Metrics Extraction) to the EJMM. FLAME was formerly proposed by Aline Baroni and Fernando Brito e Abreu upon the UML metamodel. Brito e Abreu’s MOOD and Chidamber and Kemerer metrics suites were formalized upon FLAME and are also made available.


More Info and Citations

For more information on the internal details of the EJMM tool or for citation purposes, please refer to:


Date: September, 2013


Authors: Fernando Brito e Abreu
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