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J-USE (Model-driven Java code and JUnit tests generator)


J-USE is a model-driven Java code and JUnit test cases generator that takes as input a domain model produced and validated with the USE (UML-based Specification Environment). The latter allows to specify models using features found in UML class diagrams (classes, associations, etc.), enriched with expressions in OCL (Object Constraint Language) to specify both integrity and business constraints. J-USE is particularly suited for developing BIS (business information systems) applications, providing a quick prototyping framework. Generated code maps the navigations on class diagrams allowable in OCL, therefore increasing traceability between model and code and reversely. A seamlessness approach to persistence, based on a pure object-oriented database, is used.

Code generator

The generated code is organized in three layers: the business layer, the presentation layer and the persistence layer, that will be described herein.

Business Layer

This layer includes a Java class for each UML class in the domain model, holding the same name. Each generated class has one private attribute for every attribute and for every association in the domain model. Besides, it contains public constructors, selectors and modifiers for all attributes and associations (one to one, one to many, many to many, association class to their members and vice-versa) in the domain model. Object serializers and comparators are provided as well. The syntax of the generated code follows OCL naming conventions. Chosen Java collection types (Set/HashSetList/ArrayListSortedSet/TreeSet and Queue/ArrayDeque) match closely the ones found in OCL (SetBag,OrderedSet and Sequence). A public static allInstances() selector allows retrieving all instances of this class from the object oriented database.

Presentation Layer

This layer includes a simple Swing interface that allows performing basic CRUD operations on all classes of the problem domain. This layer includes the class Main_<domainModelName> that contains the main() method.

Persistence Layer

This layer provides a façade to interface Database for Objects (DB4O), an open source object database engine available at http://www.db4o.comThis façade provides basic CRUD (create, read, update and delete) capabilities, along with cleanup and lookup ones.

Test cases generator

This generator produces JUnit test cases that exercise all of the generated Java code. In other words, the generated test cases provide a 100% coverage.


The JUSE toolkit was developed by Fernando Brito e Abreu and has been used for teaching Software Engineering and MDD (model-driven development) topics at the university where he serves as a teaching staff member. J-USE includes a facade (API) that allows any Java program to interact with the USE tool. This API has been used as a middleware component of several research projects such as:


Date: February, 2012


Authors: Fernando Brito e Abreu
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