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FairSKY - Latency and Cost Optimization in a Trustable Cloud-of-Clouds

This prototype implements a middleware solution for the transparent use of a cloud of storage clouds offering security, reliability and availability guarantees but optimizing latency and costs, through the use of a dynamic workload and profiling component. The FaiSKY middleware implements a solution promoting the fair optimal use of multiple diverse storage clouds, in a transparent way for final applications, allowing the maintenance of application data replicated in multiple clouds, with resilience conditions, with confidentiality, fault tolerance and availability conditions. Data is indexed and replicated throw-out the clouds available in a optimized way. FairSKY uses a profiling and a dynamic workload characterization environment, monitoring the transactions between the client and the multiple clouds, providing a long term adjustment of the balance between latency access conditions and costs.

Date: November, 2013


Authors: Henrique João Domingos
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