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A Framework for the construction of business portals to service IaaS consumer requests on the HP Cloud

The interaction between the cloud roles - administrator, architect and infrastructure consumer- and the HP CloudSystem Matrix is fundamentally realized over portals; however, especially in the case of the consumer, the portal has been considered "complex", since it presents too much technical information, "rigid", since it is not customisable (e.g., to suppress the "too much technical information"), and "coarse", since it does not allow a finer-grained specification of the infrastructure┬┤s attributes that are required (e.g., it allows to change the number of CPUs and the amount of memory in the server, but it does not allow one to choose the disk technologies, e.g. SSD instead of FC, or 15K instead 10K rpm). Therefore, we developed a framework that allows, with a set of pre-defined settings and customizable layouts, to define portals that are integrated with HP CloudSystem Matrix and enables a simpler user interaction.

Date: September, 2013

Authors: Paulo Afonso Lopes
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